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Selecting an ERP solution and undertaking the complex process changes that go with it is an ordeal fraught with many perils. More often than not, the implementation is driven by technology. Technology effort becomes the sole focus of the entire ERP initiative in most companies. Before the implementation effort begins, not enough focus is given to assigning roles and responsibility from the business user community. Coordinated effort is never undertaken so that interfaces between business functions are defined and implemented with clarity and buy-in by the various business functions in the company. With every roadblock, the rift between management objectives and the actual product from the implementation grows to an extent, both just cannot be bridged.

At Web Logic Software, we understand business and business goals. We take a top down approach to implementing ERP applications. Our process is driven by business needs and user requirements.


We focus on the business processes being used in your company, understand where the implication of the process are and see the merits and demerits, if any of the same.Technology cannot succeed when it mimics a failed process and knowing this, we ensure that we understand and make sure the business process which is used to model the software solution is sound and fullproof.

Involvement of users within functions and across operational areas is of paramount importance in implementing a system which spans across various departments in your organization. Knowing this, we create a cross-function approach where we work with the clients in developing cross-function teams with business intelligence in their respective functions and who will work with the technology folks in crossing the information boundary existing between various business functions. Having a clear defined strategy for the implementation goes a long way in ensuring project success.

Due to the very nature of the ERP solution being the backbone of the company, selecting a solution which can deal with the pace of your business and can be tuned to adapt to the change process in the company is imperative to a successful implementation which can last. We at Web Logic Software, don’t focus just on your current needs, however a technology choice which can produce lasting values and which gives the operations people the flexibility they need and the executives the information they require to make the correct business choices.

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