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The cost of putting in place quality processes and testing procedures is a lot less than price paid in not doing so. The earlier a problem is found, the cheaper it is to fix. In spite of the best efforts of software developers, most software products have bugs in them. Only meaningful testing procedures and well thought out test plans will ensure the delivery of good quality products that work as advertised.

Often overlooked until it is too late, structured quality assurance testing plays a critical role in the sustained success of any software development initiative. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the commitment, skills, and processes necessary to achieve desired results consistently. These organizations frequently try to absorb QA testing into the engineering team that is building the software. The consequences include excessively high breakdowns, costly repair and maintenance, and end-user frustration.

We can deliver our Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Services:

  • on your site as part of a joint testing team
  • at our facility as an outsourced service

Web Logic Software Quality Assurance and Testing CoE involves the entire software development process, which includes processes such as software design, coding, source code control, code reviews, change management, configuration management, and release management. Web Logic Software offers independent QA and Testing Services that span the entire product release lifecycle. These services include quality assurance consulting, test plan and test case formulation, test execution, defect analysis, QAT assessments, and recommendations.

Web Logic Software believes the efficiency of implementing the standard processes and methodologies to attain the highest quality in the delivery of projects. The goals of testing are to:

  • Verify interaction between objects
  • Verify proper integration of all components of the software
  • Verify that all requirements have been correctly implemented
  • Identify and ensure defects are addressed prior to the release and deployment of the software

Our QA services offer the entire gamut of services that you need to deliver quality products. Our Quality Engineers utilize proven procedures and tools to help you with:

  • Test Planning: development of test plans & test cases
  • Test Automation: identification of test automation opportunities, selection of tools, and development of test scripts
  • Test Execution: functional, regression, performance, database optimization

Through reutilization of test scripts and harnesses, maximization of test automation, and by the utilization of a composite blend of services delivered from our contracting and outsourcing models, we bring together the normally elusive combination of value adds quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness to your quality engineering efforts.

We offer wide range of testing solutions to customer based on domain, technology, and business solutions. Our experienced Professional believes in providing high quality testing deliverable in reasonable span of time and cost.


  • System Validation
  • Business Validation
  • Platform Validation
  • Compatibility Validation
  • Security Validation
  • Performance Validation
  • Localization Validation
  • Data Validation

We provide Automated and Manual testing solutions to our clients. Web Logic Software blends innovative practices and skilled resources with sharp testing mindset to deliver value for the testing dollar. Our end-to-end e-testing services can help you address the problems faced by your organization. Moreover, our alliances with leading tool vendors help reduce your testing costs.

Tool Expertise

  • Automated functional and regression testing - WinRunner, QuickTest, QA Center, RationalRobot
  • Load Testing - LoadRunner, WebLoad, QA Load, SilkPerformer
  • Defect and Change Tracking - Test Director, ClearQuest, Bugzilla, GNATS, TeamTrack
  • Configuration Management - CVS, VSS, PVCS, SVN, Source Jammer and Perforce, Endeavor
  • Opensource tool - OpenSTA
  • Bug Tracking - Bugzilla, JIRA, TeamTrack and Mantis
  • Configuration Management Tools - VSS, CVS,

Our flexible testing methodology can align with any type of software delivery methodology, be it a regular SDLC, maintenance or newer agile methodologies like DSDM, XP or Scrum.

Web Logic Software QA&T process

Our Domain Expertise:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Business Process Management
  • Travel
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • E-Commerce Solutions
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